Consortium members

The consortium consists of 4 partners, 3 Universities and 1 SME from 3 different countries. They constitute a broad representation of organisations involved in Materials and Chemistry Science including SMAs and coatings, Modelling, Robotics, Inspection Methods, Sensors, Signal processing,

Software and Electronics. EXIS was chosen in the project as they are specialised in software programming, modelling and providing solutions for manipulating devices for materials inspection.

The partners’ expertise is not overlapping but complementary to cover the project requirements. Furthermore, the proposed consortium brings together technological skills, industrial objectives, geographical representation, synergistic business interests and non-competitive positions, each with a specific role to play in the completion of the work and the exploitation of its results, without duplication of efforts or commercial conflicts.



Cranfield University (Cranfield)

Cranfield University is European premier research-intensive university and is renowned worldwide for leading the way in modern education and industrially oriented research. Cranfield is recognised as an academic institution that combines the very best people with state-of-the-art facilities with over 10% of the UK’s engineering and sciences PhDs being awarded by Cranfield. In addition, Cranfield’s partners include more than 100 European institutions. The School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing is dedicated to carrying out focused fundamental research and applying it to meet the needs of society and industry.

The “Research and Development Centre of Vibro-Acoustics” headed by Prof. Gelman is one of the UKs and worldwide leading condition monitoring research centres. Centre members are actively involved in research, consultancy and training and sit on several national and international advisory boards in the area of signal processing and condition monitoring. The Centre frequently publishes in top journals and conferences. The emphasis of the centre’s activities lies in the development of instrumentation to tackle condition-monitoring problems, while offering scope for more speculative, blue skies research.





University of Ioannina (UoI)

The University of Ioannina was established in 1964. Nowadays more than 15.000 undergraduate and postgraduate students are being educated by more than 550 Members of Academic Staff, 170 Teaching Fellows and 130 members of Technical Laboratory Staff. The University Administrative Services are staffed with more than 420 employees.

The University of Ioannina has proven a long-term experience in implementing, managing, monitoring, and controlling several research, educational and development projects. The research activities are coordinated by the University of Ioannina Research Committee, whose main aim is the exploitation of financial contributions, for the implementation of research projects in the University of Ioannina. The Research Committee of the University of Ioannina has recognized managerial competence. Since 2007 it applies a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2000, which has been inspected and has acquired all relevant certificates (TUV CERT and QMS CERT) on "Management of Research, Technological and related projects and activities".





Second University of Naples (SUN)

The group of Innovative technologies for environment protection from pollution and sustainable resource use, Second University of Naples, underlines interests in multidisciplinary research topics, focusing on their application in real problems. Mass transfer in gas-solid fluidised beds, gas-liquid absorption, solid dissolution, reaction kinetics, crystallization, adsorption and fluidization have been the main investigation sectors. Moreover, flue gas desulphurization from thermal power plants and micro-pollutant removal from waste incinerator exhaust gas have been studied, by using both catalytic and not catalytic processes.

New research themes have been started in the last years, regarding solid waste treatment, reactive streams in unconfined natural environments, groundwater remediation technologies, waste water innovative treatment processes, renewable fuel production and production and testing of new adsorbing materials.






Exis Innovation Ltd (EXIS)

EXIS Innovation Ltd is a mechanical, and IT engineering consulting firm specializing in design and manufacturing, smart material, robotics and electronics, structures and technologies, advanced inspection (Thermal, Optical, Ultrasonic technology C-Scan etc.) and finite element analysis.

The company is based in the UK and its activity addresses to all industrial sectors employing the above mentioned NDT techniques. As a company, EXIS complies with the applicable quality requirements to guaranty products and service efficiency, with a highly qualified and skilled staff. EXIS has been involved with the development and application of thermal and ultrasonic (C-Scan) NDT & E focusing mainly on composites of aerospace applications. EXIS was chosen in the project as they are specialised in software programming, modelling and providing solutions for manipulating devices for materials inspection. Additionally, EXIS will be the Exploitation Manager of the project, having a lot of experience of acting as Exploitation Manager in an FP7 Project (TRACE-IT – Contract No 605482), making their participation important and beneficial for the project.






The InnoSMART project has received funding from the European Union's H2020 Framework Programme under the call FET-OPEN under grant agreement No 664892