WP1- State of the art, modelling and functionality of SMA, coating and structures

Concept and objectives

The InnoSMART project proposes: to develop a revolutionary technology that will alter and control the mechanical properties of materials by external stimuli. This creation will be a novel coating able: a) to contribute to the stiffness and rigidity of a metallic structure, to withstand safely the expected loads, b) to enhance the integrity of a damaged structure and at the same time c) to protect it from corrosion. The InnoSMART project improve the structural integrity of metallic structures by developing and delivering an advanced

state of the art coating. The coating will be capable of protecting metallic structures from failures, as well as from corrosion extending their in service life. The innovative compounds of the proposed coating are smart materials - Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs). The innovative concept and the functionality of the coating are described briefly as follows: Upon mechanical loading the structure with the coating is deformed. However, by heating the coating, the SMA elements tend to recover their experienced deformations and return to their original shape. The developed shear forces at the structure/coating interface will mitigate the deformation of the structure and reduce the stress levels. The latest is a great benefit for the cracked regions, since the local stress field reduction will delay the crack propagation. The proposed coating will be implemented in thin walled structures that do not involve appreciable weight penalty and they are widely used in automotive, naval, and aerospace applications. Eventually, the coating is envisaged to be applied to large-scale structures, such as bridges and infrastructures.


  • Develop a unique coating that will have the PE and SME effects of the SMA elements. 
  • Develop an innovative processing method for generating trained SMA elements and simultaneously to be able to be mixed with other substances.
  • Provide the above results in near real time (inspection of 1m 2 in around 1min).
  • Develop a new European standardized guideline in maintenance of metallic structures.
  • Extend the applications and capabilities of the SMA elements by mixing them with other substances and developing new products, such as coatings for various applications.



The InnoSMART project has received funding from the European Union's H2020 Framework Programme under the call FET-OPEN under grant agreement No 664892