Concept and objectives

The InnoSMART project proposes: to develop a revolutionary technology that will alter and control the mechanical properties of materials by external stimuli.

This creation will be a novel coating able: a) to contribute to the stiffness and rigidity of a metallic structure, to withstand safely the expected loads, b) to enhance the integrity of a damaged structure and at the same time c) to protect it from corrosion.

The InnoSMART project improve the structural integrity of metallic structures by developing and delivering an advanced state of the art coating. The coating will be capable of protecting metallic structures from failures, as well as from corrosion extending their in service life. The innovative compounds of the proposed coating are smart materials - Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs).

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Work Packages and Cross Cutting Themes

The overall strategy of work is to organize the work activities into 7 discrete Work Packages (WPs), each comprised  by  a  number  of  associated  tasks,  which  collectively  achieve  the  specific  WP  objectives. There are two types of WP activities:
(1) Research,  technological  and  innovation  activities  (WP1-WP6)
(2)  Exploitation-dissemination  and Management activities (WP7). 


The InnoSMART project has received funding from the European Union's H2020 Framework Programme under the call FET-OPEN under grant agreement No 664892