Abstract: The InnoSMART project proposes to increase the structural integrity of metallic structures by developing a revolutionary technology that will be able to alter and control the mechanical properties of materials by external stimuli. This creation will be a novel coating able to contribute to the stiffness and rigidity of an elastic metallic structure, to withstand the expected loading conditions safely, to enhance the integrity of a damaged structure and at the same time to protect it from corrosion. Such a coating can bring multiple breakthroughs from the design level to the maintenance and repair level of the structure.

Scientific Breakthrough

Structural Integrity is the ability of a structure to withstand the service loads, resisting structural failure due to fracture, deformation, or fatigue. To construct a structure with adequate structural integrity, selection of the material’s mechanical properties is always takes place.

However, often the employment of materials in structures that operate in extreme environmental conditions, has resulted to different near-surface properties than the bulk, and then structural failures might occur. This phenomenon happens very often inbridges, metallic structures, turbine blades, aircrafts (Fig.1) etc.

Unfortunately, human casualties, rendering this problem of major importance for engineers, follow many of these failures.

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Interdisciplinary nature

InnoSMART is an interdisciplinary research project, mainly in the field of engineering; however, the basic idea might require information that is outside of the area of Applied Engineering, such as Life and Social field. This project will address topics of current importance scientific areas, such as Materials and Chemistry Sciences, Structural Integrity and Design, Infrastructure and Transport Sectors, Information Technology Science, Design and Manufacture. In all these areas, there is an emphasis on the need for interdisciplinary collaboration for improving the structural integrity of metallic structure via an innovative coating capable of protecting structures from failure, and corrosion, extending their in service life. Table 1.1 can further confirm the interdisciplinary nature of the project, where several disciplinary related fields with the potential technical barriers are described.

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The InnoSMART project has received funding from the European Union's H2020 Framework Programme under the call FET-OPEN under grant agreement No 664892